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SMSgt David Grover, USAF (ret.) & BOAZ

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Senior Master Sergeant David Grover served over 30 years in the Air Force. His deployments and awards are numerous. After his retirement he was in a terrible car accident where he suffered a TBI. He struggles daily with feeling secure. His memory, eyesight and balance are not what they used to be for him. He has horrible night terrors and flashbacks. David struggles with being “normal” again.

In July of 2017, David met BOAZ! BOAZ is a spunky chocolate lab who is ready to assist David with being “normal” again, BOAZ will anchor when David is anxious, he will interrupt David’s negative behaviors and will alert him to people approaching him from behind.

BOAZ is an Honor Puppy named in honor of Cpl. Monroe Boaz, USMC.

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