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Assistance Dog Placement Program for Veterans

About the Service Dogs for Veterans Program

Providing customized Service Dogs for Veterans, Service Members, and their dependents with physical, neurological, psychiatric, or emotional disabilities.

Serving Veterans and Service Members living with:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Dogs
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Client Training & Placement

Why Choose Us

paws4people®️ utilizes a unique set of skills, experience and resources to better serve our clients and their families.
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Our Training

Specialized proprietary, comprehensive Intervention Transfer Training.

Our Team

Continuity of care between our Service Dog professionals, our staff mental health professionals, and clients’ medical treatment team.

Our Services

Placements for veterans, military dependents, first responders, and civilians as well as Professionals in human service fields.

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Our Facility

The nation’s first campus for K9-centric Post Traumatic Growth®️.

Our Clients

Supporting a variety of unique demographics, including young children, adolescents, civilians with trauma, & military veterans of all eras.

Our Results

Recipients are able to engage with their educational, career, and family goals – to live a life they find worth living.

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Live the rest of your life and reach your goals alongside your Assistance Dog