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Fine Print

paws4people®, Inc. (paws4people)  is a Virginia nonstock Corporation (EIN: 54-1948479) and a 501(c)(3) public charity (IRS DLN 17053274781095).

paws4vets, paws4prisons, paws4seniors, paws4education, and paws4reading are trademarks of paws4people.

paws4people foundation, paws4vets, and paws4prisons are registered DBAs of paws4people.

PAWS PTS|MST Centers, LLC (EIN:47-4550098), paws4prisons, LLC (EIN 47-455587) and paws4seniors, LLC (EIN 47-4491753) are wholly owned and controlled subsidiaries of paws4people.

ADDIE’s Way is a trademark of PAWS PTS|MST Centers, LLC.

By making a charitable gift to paws4people, the donor understands that charitable gift is not refundable.

All charitable gifts to paws4people or any of our programs or legal entities shall be considered unrestricted, unless a specific restriction for the charitable gift is included in a Charitable Gift Agreement signed by the donor and the Executive Director of paws4people.  All unrestricted charitable gifts are used to fund the entirety of our organization, operations, programs, and services, and future growth.  paws4people provides written acknowledgement of all charitable gifts.

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