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About Us

Our Goal:
Transform Lives

Our Goal: Transform Lives

paws4people®️ trains and places Assistance Dogs, empowering users to transform their lives for a better tomorrow. We believe every person is deserving of priceless and well-deserved independence.

Today, many clients with “invisible disabilities” using an Assistance Dog while accessing public venues are questioned more readily than a handler whose disability is visible.

Therefore, we feel it is important for people to recognize and understand that Assistance Dogs, when employed correctly within the confines of the law, are providing invaluable services to their users.

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Our Dogs are Our Passion

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Our Team is Our Strength

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Our Clients are Our Family

Our Philosophy

At paws4people®️ foundation, our philosophy is that our clients, whether children or adults, can be taught how to utilize an Assistance Dog to Control, Regulate, and Mitigate®️ the effects of their disability.

For example, with proper training over time, children can grow and mature more independently without over-dependence on adults and aids. We believe this is the very essence of independence, and one of the most important roles of any Assistance Dog.

Our Service Dog Training

How We Help


paws4people®️ elevates service dog training standards by maintaining strict quality control for Assistance Dogs.


paws4people®️ provides a customized experience to meet individual needs of each client.


paws4people®️ seeks to meet the ever-increasing demand for Service Dogs by developing more resources.

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Our Founder

Kyria Henry Whisenhunt

Why Choose Us

paws4people®️‘s service dog training program utilizes a unique set of skills, experience and resources to better serve our clients and their families.

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Our Training

Specialized proprietary, comprehensive Intervention Transfer Training.

Our Team

Continuity of care between our Service Dog professionals, our staff mental health professionals, and clients’ medical treatment team.

Our Services

Placements for veterans, military dependents, first responders, and civilians as well as Professionals of human service fields.

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Our Facility

The nation’s first campus for K9-centric Post Traumatic Growth®️.

Our Clients

Supporting a variety of unique demographics, including young children, adolescents, civilians with trauma, & military veterans of all eras.

Our Results

Recipients are able to engage with their educational, career, and family goals – to live a life they find worth living.