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Julie Nogueira & BELCHIK

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Julie is a bright and happy 11 year old girl who has a rare congenital neuromuscular disease, Nemaline myopathy. Julie has struggled since birth with many health complications, generalized weakness, swallowing difficulties, delayed gross motor development, critical respiratory complications and speech issues. Julie walked independently when she was 3 1/2 years old. Now Julie walks, but her delayed reflexes and weakness cause her to fall very often indoors and outdoors. She still depends on adult help to perform many daily tasks and it often puts her in a disadvantageous position among her peers.

In March 2016 Julie met BELCHIK! BELCHIK helps Julie with the support she needs to walk steadily and safely by providing balance and support. He also retrieves and carries items for her. BELCHIK helps Julie in her daily social interactions by being the much needed bridge between her and her peers. BELCHIK has given Julie courage to deal with her disability in her daily life.

BELCHIK is a Tribute Puppy named in honor of Cpl. Christopher W. Belchik, USMC.

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