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Layla Danielle Sigmund loved and lived life to the fullest. She took all adventures head on with a smile. Her laughter and spirit filled every situation with warmth. She was a loving daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend, student, and teammate. Layla was a lover of pugs, Star Wars, Disney, dance, sushi, black beans and rice, exploring the outdoors, family time, card games, and making people laugh. She loved to work on art projects with her sister, watch any videos she could find about pugs, swim, spend time with her best friend, and was excited to be doing the first-ever hip-hop solo for her dance studio. She wanted to go to UNCW like her cousin so she could study to be a marine biologist when she grew up and have a fat pug named Chubbs. We unfortunately lost Layla on March 19, 2020, very unexpectedly at the age of 10 from a brain aneurysm.

Layla formed a strong connection with everyone she encountered. We are all a little kinder, caring, openhearted, generous and loving today because of her. She showed compassion and lived life with a pure heart. While it was extremely difficult to seek positivity amid such an unexpected tragedy, her parents chose to donate Layla’s organs to save 4 other’s lives with the hope they would be able to feel Layla’s passion for life and helping others, but her legacy doesn’t stop there.

During Layla’s cousin Kinsley’s time at UNCW, Kinsley became involved with paws4people®️ foundation. Through the gift of a tribute puppy, LAYLA, named in Layla’s honor, will be able to transform the lives of countless individuals through her stages of training to become an Assistance Dog.

Please consider donating to support LAYLA’s journey to become an Assistance Dog, and the legacy of our sweet Layla. May she bring the same passion for life, selfless love of others, and pure, gentle heart to everyone she meets.

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