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Andrew (Andy) Wesley Klith served 22 years in the U.S. Air Force from 1946 to 1968. Andy achieved the rank of Technical Sergeant (TSgt). He enlisted shortly after the conclusion of WWII and immediately deployed to Japan to aid in the country’s recovery. Andy was also a veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam wars. He particularly enjoyed sharing his military duty station adventures spent across the United States assigned to multiple wings, squadrons, and detachments. 

Andy loved supporting and giving back to the community everywhere he lived whether Boy Scouts, church, youth sports coaching & refereeing, and even as a Shriner Andy was always giving anything he could back to the next generation of children. Andy had 3 kids of his own, Shari, Debbie, and David from his first marriage and 4 kids who he helped raise as a father figure with his wife Louise.

Andy’s hobbies included traveling, little league baseball, football, speaking Japanese, raising poodles, locating new family members, and most of all he loved technology! He worked telegraphs as a boy and FaceTime and PCs well into his 90’s.

Andy also enjoyed great storytelling, sharing historical experiences such as graduating the 6th grade, driving teams of horses as a farm hand, being on the telegraph chain gang for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, assisting with Japan’s recovery after WWII, flying in one of the first USAF fighter jets, and racing Model A Ford’s in the desert.

Andy was a loving husband, parent, grand-parent, and great grandparent who will be missed but not forgotten. 

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