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Claude paws4people honor puppy
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Our next Honor Litter puppy, CLAUDE, is named in honor of Claude Edward Hancock. Claude was typical of his generation – he was selfless, honest, hardworking and humble. He joined the Navy the day after his 17th birthday on July 20, 1943. He served on the USS LCT (Tank Landing Ship) 17 and LCT 705 that were part of the Normandy Invasion in June of 1944. He also served in the Asian Pacific Theatre during the consolidation and capture of Mindinao in the Philippines. He was a Signalman First Class when he left the Navy. When he returned home, he went to NC State on the GI bill and earned a degree in Ceramic Engineering. He was a loving husband to his wife and devoted father to paws4people Client Advocate, Carol Mitchell, and her siblings. He is also the grandfather of paws4vets client, Jeff Mitchell. CLAUDE will be trained in honor of this incredible man, who is missed greatly by his family.

CLAUDE is an Assistance Dog for paws4people Client, Elizabeth Wagner.

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