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Michael Scott, USA Veteran

Michael served 24 years in the Army and retired as a Staff Sergeant. He has bilateral hearing loss and struggles with survivors guilt and moral injury on a daily basis. He feels detached from people and has a hard time going out in the community. He is very active and engaged with his therapists and works his WRAP plan as hard as he can. He wants to be a better person and wants to do more things outside of his home. Michael is diagnosed with Bi-Lateral Hearing Loss and Tinnitus, PTS and “Locked Shoulder” (he cannot raise his right shoulder above his head)

Michael met BO in December 2016! BO will help Michael by alerting him to his phone ringing, someone at the door and other sounds around the house. BO will also help with behavior interruption, anchoring when he is anxious and retrieval of items as he has a hard time bending over.

BO is a Tribute Puppy named in honor of Maj. Emil Edward Boado Jr., USAF.








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