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Lissa Hall, USA Veteran

My name is Lissa Hall. I started as a Combat Medic in the Army. After I got out of the military I continued working as an EMT for another 2 years and then as a Paramedic for a total of 24 years of service in the emergency Service Field. I am a paws4vets client and have been matched with WINDE. I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, agoraphobia, night terrors and sleep walking with suicidal ideations and one attempt to end my life.

I have known many Paramedics who have committed suicide or lost their ability to function in the regular world. Although, looking back now I know that there were many things that contributed to my present conditions. The last call for me was when a rookie left me in a house on a code. I can’t speak for her and say exactly why she left but because she did the family's son and other members became irate and abusive and closed off any exits I had to leave after she did. (I can understand the families’ reactions) but because of my partners actions I was left trapped in a room with no way out until backup arrived on the scene. I know that my condition does not come from this one event but from many events.

I can no longer leave my house without someone I trust accompanying me. Even if I do have them with me I can only stay in a building for so long. I also develop rashes that resemble allergic reactions if I push myself too hard. I did try killing myself after my break down but stopped when I realized it would be my son who found me. I did not want him to have to go through that. I honestly can say that is a very difficult thing to admit and I am very ashamed of it. Also, after my breakdown I did not come out of my room for about 3 months.

Until I found paws4vets each day seemed as bleak and cold as the next and I could not find one reason to keep going. In my mind I even felt my son was better off without me. He however has shown me he would not be better off and has stayed by my side.

Not only has paws4vets given me hope to push forward each day but they have also increased my support system and become an extended family. They care about each individual. They have consistently been with me even through emotional breakdowns and bad days, but have shown me through clients who have been before me that it is possible to learn to live with this illness and have a better life. They are also realistic and explain to each person that, “you will not be cured but you will get better”. I am so very thankful to each and every one of them and the time they have taken and dedicated to this program and its clients. I am especially thankful for WINDE who helps me face the outside world one day at a time.








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