DOG name: GUS
Team since: 2013

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Lexi Haas

Lexi has a condition called kernicterus that was caused by her newborn jaundice. Lexi's cognitive and emotional function are completely normal, but the physical effects of her condition
are severe; Lexi uses a wheelchair and is unable to talk or hold anything without assistance. GUS assists Lexi in many therapies and medical appointments! Lexi is very proficient in french and is ranked very high nationally. She would like friends her own age, but her chair and movement disorder can be frightening to some children. GUS is helping Lexi to bridge the gap with able-bodied peers and helps her retrieve things. He is also great for sloppy kisses.

Lexi and GUS have been a working team since 2014. Lexi is enjoying the love and support that came with GUS and her paws4people family. He is helping her feel more connected with others in public and helps her parents bring things that Lexi needs.








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