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Awareness Education Fundraising Event Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in holding an event to benefit the paws4people foundation! In order to best represent the foundation and uphold our standards of conduct and performance, we ask that you follow all of the following criteria closely at all times.

Getting Started

A Client/Handler or Third Party Event is any event held to raise awareness, educate, and/or fundraise with any and all proceeds benefiting paws4people, Inc. and/or any of its programs and initiatives (e.g., paws4vets).

Fundraising events may not be held without the advanced, written permission of the paws4people Executive Committee. Client/Handler and Third Party Events must reflect positively on paws4people/paws4vets, and must abide by all laws, local, state, and federal. Client/Handler and Third Party Events cannot be political or sexual in nature.

Popular Client/Handler and Third Party Events include: 1 mile fun walk/5K run, golf tournament, cocktail night, restaurant partnerships (e.g., 15% of sales from 5-10pm at X Restaurant will be donated to paws4people/paws4vets), dog wash, etc.

Naming Your Event

Client/Handler and Third Party Events should be a creative way to highlight your enthusiasm and support for paws4people/paws4vets. You may respectively use the verbiage “in support of paws4people [or program name],” or “benefiting paws4people [or program name]” throughout your event name and marketing materials.

To help protect our trademark, we require that you always spell out paws4people [and all program names, e.g. paws4vets] using:

  • All one word, with no spaces
  • All lowercase letters at all times
  • The numeral 4, never the word “for”

Use of Logo

Logos will be provided on a case-by-case basis by the paws4people staff member helping to coordinate your event. Any use of the logo will require that all materials be reviewed and preapproved by the paws4people staff member helping to coordinate your event.


We ask that you register your event at with enough time for paws4people staff to both address the request, and to approve any use of logoed materials. We recommend registering at a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to your event. The approval process will take 7-10 business days. You may not host a Client/Handler or Third Party Event without registration and approval. In the case that you have more than one event planned, please register each event separately. For reoccurring events, please remember to register the event each year.

paws4people Event Support

Once registered and approved, paws4people will support your event by adding it to the master calendar located on the paws4people website ( as well as by listing on both the paws4people and paws4vets Facebook pages. The staff member assisting you to coordinate your event will send you promotional materials, digital brochures for printing, or any other support materials as they are available and appropriate.

Unfortunately, paws4people is not able to send representatives to each Client/Handler or Third Party Event. This is a part of our effort to remain fiscally responsible. The staff member assisting you in coordinating your event will do their best to see if anyone within the paws4people family is available to attend your event, but we cannot guarantee such attendance.

In addition, paws4people:

  • Is not permitted by law to allow you to use paws4people’s tax identification number, its tax exempt determination, or its charitable solicitation license(s) to solicit sponsorships or donations for your event
  • Cannot share paws4people mailing lists.

    Charitable Gift Collection & Acknowledgement

    As you begin asking for charitable gifts, be sure that all individuals who might have conversations with potential donors are informed about the organization that you are supporting paws4people or paws4vets program. You’ll want to make sure that the message you convey is precise, effective, and brief. Don’t forget to mention that all charitable gifts made in the form of a check, cashier’s check, or money order are tax deductible. As soon as we receive the funds you’ve collected, we will send a letter of acknowledgment for all eligible donations, which supporters can use for their tax records.

    Please note: ALL donation checks should be made out to paws4people and mailed to:
    ATTN: Events
    1121C-324 Military Cutoff Rd
    Wilmington, NC 28405

    paws4people cannot issue tax receipts for the value of an individual’s time, goods, or services donated to your event, as these items are not deductible under federal tax law and therefore are not eligible for a tax receipt. We can only acknowledge checks written to paws4people directly. All eligible donations will be issued a tax receipt from paws4people upon receipt and processing of funds. No third party may issue tax receipts on paws4people’s behalf.


    To remain fiscally responsible, paws4people cannot refund or reimburse any expenses related to externally instigated and managed fundraising events.