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about paws4people

What is the mission of paws4people foundation?

What inspired Kyria to start paws4people at age 12?

Where are you located?

Do you charge for your services?

Can I join your staff?


training questions

What’s the hardest part of the training process?

How did prisoners become involved?

Will you help me train my dog?

Do you train Seizure Dogs?

Do you train Autism Dogs?

Can I help by training a puppy?


client questions

How do you match clients and dogs?

What is a “BUMP?”

How long is your waiting list?

As a client, do I “own” the Assistance Dog paws4people places with me?


DOG questions

How do the dogs help children w/ disabilities and Veterans?

How much does a dog cost?

Where do your dogs come from?

What breeds of dogs do you use?

What do you do with the dogs who fail?

Are your dogs insured?

Can I get a paws4people Assistance Dog?

What does the public have the right to expect of Assistance Dogs in their community?



What is an Assistance Dog?

I trained my own Service Dog, will you certify it so I can take it out in public?

Can my dog and I be part of paws4people ?

What makes a dog a Service Dog?

Can a dog carry more than one certification?


The paws4people / paws4vets Pay-It-Forward Campaign (PIF)

What is a Pay-It-Forward campaign?

What is the Pay-It-Forward campaign fundraising goal?

Where did that number come from?

Why do clients have to raise awareness & funds?

What if I don’t have any experience with fundraising?

What if I am unable to fundraise?

What if I want to remain anonymous?

What happens if I raise more than the goal?

Will I get a dog faster if I raise the money more quickly?

How long do I have to meet my funding goal?

Is the foundation financially reliant upon clients’ PIF Campaigns?

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