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Wren is a sweet young lady who is diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, Hypotonia and Autism. Wren experiences extreme anxiety when going to medical appointments, and gets easily overwhelmed in unfamiliar places and large crowds. Unexpected and loud noises are also very anxiety-provoking for Wren. While she receives Physical, Speech, Occupational and ABA therapies, both in and out of school, Wren’s Mom was looking for an additional tool to help expand Wren’s world, while also providing a distraction during otherwise uncomfortable situations.

In July of 2018, Wren and PATTON became a team! PATTON is a beautiful Black Lab who has helped Wren in countless ways. He anchors to ease her anxieties in doctors offices. Just his presence has allowed medical procedures that would have been impossible to complete in the past. In new or crowded places, PATTON supports Wren by not only interrupting any negative behaviors that she may have, but he also is a tool for her limited communication. Wren is able to begin conversations with people by introducing PATTON and answering questions about him. This ability to converse is a huge step for her!

Since becoming a team, PATTON has given Wren the reassurance and security she needs, and the ability to help regulate herself both in public and at home. Wren not only benefits from the Deep Tactile Pressure PATTON provides, but also PATTON’s ability to brace to help her get dressed each day. They continue to make such great progress as time goes on!

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