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Wil Nobles, USA Veteran & HARNETT

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Wil served in the Army and was honorably discharged. He was involved in an IED attack where four soldiers were killed. After the incident he helped with the recovery and removal of those soldiers from the burned vehicles. This incident haunts him daily. He isolates, has anxiety, irritability and night terrors. He finds comfort in photography but not relief. He has lost the ability to connect with others, except through a camera lens. He wants to be a good husband and a better father to his children but he needs help. Wil is diagnosed with PTS and Depression.

HARNETT and Wil met in December 2016! HARNETT will assist Wil by interrupting negative behaviors, anchoring when he is anxious and will alert him to people coming up behind him. HARNETT will help Wil engage in society again and bring a spark back into Wil’s life.

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