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Thomia King, USMC Veteran & TONEY

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Thomia served in the USMC. She was injured during a training accident when she was struck on the head with a riot shield. She suffered a major concussion that causes her problems with dizziness and migraines. Thomia is also diagnosed with PTS from MST. She is hypervigilant in crowds and places she is not familiar with. She is hyper aware of her surroundings at all times and is always on guard. Thomia is diagnosed with PTS, TBI and Post Concussive Syndrome

Thomia bumped with TONEY in December 2016. TONEY will help Thomia with behavior interruption, anchoring when she is anxious, retrieval when she is dizzy and will help to ease off the pain of her everyday TBI symptoms.

TONEY is a tribute puppy named in honor of Toney Lineberry, a paws4people conditional client.

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