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Terri Smith & HEATH

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Terri is diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, as well as Cardiac Dysautonomia with Hypovolemia, Mast-Cell Activation disorder and Post-Viral Chronic Fatigue disorder. After experiencing migraines, balance issues and mysterious ailments in May of 2016, she also started treatment for a connective tissue disorder. She is limited in the activities that she performs, cannot climb stairs very well, and often loses her balance when bending over. She also goes through periods of sadness due to the limitations her Ehlers-Danlos has placed on her life.

In December 2017 Terri met HEATH! HEATH will assist Terri by bracing when she needs to stand up. She also needs help with balance while walking up and down her driveway and when out in public places, and retrieving objects she is unable to reach. HEATH will be of great assistance to her and we are so happy to see them work together!

HEATH is an Honor Puppy named in honor of Fire Captain David Heath.

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