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Terri Jo is the clinical coordinator for the UNC Campus Health Physical Therapy/Athletic Training Clinic and is the Staff Athletic Trainer for the UNC Baseball team. Our story started the fall of 2015 when a few of the baseball players thought it would be a great idea to take some of the puppies from the paws4people socialization center to Children’s Hospital to visit a child they knew who was receiving treatment and really missed his dog while he was hospitalized. After being denied access and telling my story to a friend of mine that worked for paws4people at the time she encouraged me to apply for an assistance dog and the rest is history.

Being in the health care field I knew of the positive physiological and psychological benefits that service dogs can facilitate in clients but little did I know at the time what an impact REMINGTON would have on the PT patients and UNC athletes.

REMINGTON is an inspiration and brings joy to all that meet him. Injuries can be difficult to deal with and REMINGTON seems to be a source of motivation and can enhance a person’s mood. It is often heard from patients and athletes leaving the facilities that this “has been the best day ever in rehab thanks to REMINGTON”

REMINGTON has clearly become a part of UNC and a part of the “TEAM” He will continue to assist in the PT clinic and the athletic training facilities but he will also participate in community outreach activities including going to local schools to read with children, visiting patients in hospitals as well as nursing home facilities and he will be assisting with activities during UNC Baseball games.

I am so excited and blessed to be a part of the paws4people organization and to have REMINGTON in my life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and how he continues to help transform lives. Please consider donating to our team so we can pay it forward to another future client.

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