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Tanner Hallgren & BRODIE

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Tanner graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where she completed the 4 semester Assistance Dog Training Program. While in the program she began to deal with some of the things that had been manifesting in her life. Throughout her life she has been diagnosed as ADHD, GAD, OCPD, PTSD and Persistent Depressive Disorder. Tanner withdraws and isolates. She is on high alert most of the time. Most days she feels anxious, depressed, overwhelmed and lonely.

In July 2017 Tanner met BRODIE! BRODIE will help Tanner by anchoring to her when she is anxious, behavior interruption and alerting her when people approach her from behind to reduce her startle reflex and anxiety while out in public places and while riding as the passenger in cars.

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