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Steven spent all of his adult life in law enforcement, and working his way up the ranks to his current position with the Government. After more than 20 years in the field, Steven has seen and encountered many distressing situations, and is diagnosed with PTSD as a result. Steven is successful and hardworking but feels insecure when leaving home to run simple errands, as he is hypervigilant, and always in “threat assessment mode”. He experiences frequent nightmares and flashbacks, as well. Steven would like to be more social, and be able to enjoy life with his loved ones, and believes having a Service Dog will give him the confidence he is lacking to achieve those personal goals. 

In March 2022, Steven met his partner and best buddy, CASH! CASH will help Steven by anchoring to his anxiety and paying attention in crowded places. This will help minimize his hypervigilance, and allow him to feel more at ease when he is out in society. CASH will also help with behavior interruption. There is no doubt in our mind that together, these two can take on the world! 

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