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Sterling Crowder & DANICA

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From a young age, Sterling has experienced PTSD and anxiety, after witnessing traumatic events involving her loved ones. She finds it difficult to be alone, as that is when her mind is free to linger on troubling thoughts. She experiences frequent nightmares, bouts of crying and often avoids places that remind her of the traumas. As a graduate of the paws4people SDTP, and an alumni trainer, she knows the therapeutic benefits of having an Assistance Dog, and believes having a dog of her own will help her feel more confident and grounded.

Sterling and DANICA are a dynamic team! DANICA helps Sterling by being a best friend and confidant, and always having her back. She anchors to anxiety, interrupts negative behaviors and provides deep pressure therapy when Sterling is processing difficult emotions. DANICA works daily to provide Sterling with the confidence she needs to take on the world!

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