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Shane Mahaffy, USN Veteran & YETI

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Shane spent nearly 15 years on active duty in the US Navy, where he endured multiple injuries due to the nature of his job aboard Naval Special Warfare craft. These injuries left him with multiple TBI’s and compression fractures. He is also diagnosed with PTSD as a result of his service time. Shane is hypervigilant, experiences nightmares and flashbacks, and avoids crowded places. Because of the compression fractures, he also has difficulty when standing or sitting for long periods of time. Shane has a wonderfully supportive family, but would like a Service Dog to give him back his independence! 

Shane and YETI met in June 2023, and a true bond was formed! YETI will help Shane by bracing to assist when changing elevations and will retrieve items out of his reach. YETI will also pay attention in loud and crowded places, lessening Shane’s startle response, and allowing him more comfort when he is at social events for work and his family! Together, there is nothing this team cannot accomplish!

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