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SGT Louis Romano, USA (ret.) & COLTON

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Louis is a retired Sergeant with the US Army. While on deployment to Afghanistan, he was shot in the face by a sniper, leaving him with a TBI and also deaf in one ear. Louis has found that there are times he struggles to hear things he needs to be aware of. He is hopeful that having a hearing alert Service Dog will help with this, and give him an added boost of confidence to make life less challenging when he is alone.

Louis and COLTON bumped in January 2023, and its clear that they were made for each other! COLTON will help Louis by alerting to different sounds, such as alarms, the phone ringing and someone knocking on the door. COLTON will also assist with behavior interruption and pay attention, so Louis is aware when people are approaching him from behind. We are happy to welcome Louis and COLTON to the paws4people family!

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