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SGT Greg Miller, USA (ret.) & JENKINS

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Greg Miller is an Army vet, who spent 7 years Active Duty, deploying to Iraq. While overseas, Greg experienced IEDs, close combat, and the loss of many friends. These combined events led to his diagnosis of PTSD. Greg is hypervigilant, and often closely watches others’ actions while out in town. He avoids crowded places, loud noises, and withdraws from situations, retreating to his home. Greg admits it can be exhausting, constantly living on edge, and believes having a Service Dog will give him back the confidence he is lacking to lead a healthy and happy life!

In October 2021, Greg and JENKINS began working together! JENKINS is a Golden Retriever with an sweet smile, who will help Greg every day! JENKINS will alert to Greg’s rising anxiety levels while they are out in town together and will anchor to help him settle his panic response, and refocus on the task at hand. JENKINS will also pay attention in crowded places, lessening Greg’s hypervigilance. These two are a great team, and we look forward to their many adventures together! 

JENKINS was named by 100 Men Who Care, Wilmington, NC.

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