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Sgt Brandon Lewis, USMC (ret.) & BOOTHE

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Brandon was medically retired from the USMC. He suffered a TBI that has left him with dizziness and problems with his speech on a daily basis. He has fallen down stairs, tripped over his own feet and finds himself looking for something to hold onto. He has hurt himself numerous times from falling. He has severe migraines 2 – 3 times per week and, sometimes, he is unable to see due to pain in his eyes. His neurological issues have also led to him to have emotional problems. He has had issues with isolation and withdrawal, mostly due to feeling helpless.

In March of 2017, BOOTHE bumped with Brandon! BOOTHE will help Brandon with retrieval of items, bracing when he needs to stand, balance on stairs. He will also help by anchoring when he is anxious and interrupting negative behaviors.

BOOTHE was named by Byrton’s Home Improvement. 

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