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SFC Edward DeNeale, USA (ret.) & SCHULZ

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Ed spent a majority of his life in service to others! He spent 20 years Active Duty in the US Army, including 3 back to back tours in Vietnam. Upon retirement from the military, he went into law enforcement in Maryland. His combined experiences from combat and life as a First Responder led to a diagnosis of PTSD. He remains incredibly active, as a member of both his local American Legion post and the Moose Lodge. However, Ed says its when he is alone at home that the memories sneak up on him. He believes that having an Assistance Dog will give him the confidence he is lacking, as well as the unconditional love and support he needs in his life!

Ed met SCHULZ, his new best friend, in June 2021! SCHULZ will help Ed by anchoring to his anxiety. Due to Ed’s age and height, it is often difficult for him to get up when he falls, so SCHULZ will assist him by pushing an alert button to call for assistance when he needs it most. He will also alert him to alarms, knocks at the door, and doorbells.  Together, Ed and SCHULZ are a perfect pair.

SCHULZ was named by Dogtopia of Fredericksburg.

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