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SFC Branden Davenport, USA (ret.) & BROOKLYN

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Branden spent 14 years active duty in the Army, where he deployed a combined 5 times in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. His experiences in combat, combined with traumatic childhood events, resulted in his PTSD diagnosis. Branden admits that he has difficulty completing everyday tasks, and doesn’t like to leave the house without his wife accompanying him. When taken out of his comfort zone, he has flashbacks and heightened anxiety, which results in him avoiding most people and places. He also experiences frequent nightmares, and cannot get a full night’s sleep. Branden is hopeful that an Assistance Dog will be able to help him recognize and process his own negative thoughts and behaviors. By doing so, he will be able to enjoy a full life with his young family. 

Branden and BROOKLYN met in November 2020! BROOKLYN will assist Branden by interrupting negative behaviors, anchoring when he is anxious, and will cuddle as he processes difficult emotions. BROOKLYN will also help Branden reengage with society, and build lasting relationships with his wife and children. Together, these two make a great team! 

BROOKLYN was named by Loudoun Country Day School.

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