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SCPO John Flanagan, USN (ret.) & ROCCO

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John served in the Navy as an E-8 Senior Chief, and was deployed to Iraq. Due to his time overseas, he developed PTS and physical pain.  John had his first paws4people Service Dog, CROSBY, to help him re-engage with his family and the general public. Since working with CROSBY, John has been able to become a devoted dad and family man, and enjoys life on his hobby farm in Texas.

In 2021, John met ROCCO, his successor paws4people Service Dog! John credits CROSBY with saving his life, and the relationships he has with his wife and kids, and ROCCO will continue this work for John by alerting to people behind him, helping keep him focused on his present surroundings. He will alert to John’s rising stress levels, interrupt negative behaviors, and will provide anxiety relief through the use of the anchor command. 

ROCCO was named by Ms. Sandra Wilkerson. 

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