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Samantha is a young woman from the West Coast. Most of her childhood was filled with traumatic events that she survived by suppressing the memories. In recent years, she began to experience flashbacks, severe panic attacks, and suicidal ideation. She is diagnosed with C-PTSD and major depressive disorder as a result of the prolonged abuse. She lives with frequent migraines, insomnia, night terrors, and a heightened startle response. Her symptoms often prevent her from leaving the home and paralyze her with fear. Samantha believes having a Service Dog will help her live a full and healthy life, and allow her to find hope, even on the darkest days.

In August 2021, Samantha met BROOKS, a sweet Golden Retriever, and knew she had met her forever best friend! BROOKS will work each day with Samantha by paying attention in crowded places, alerting her during dissociation, anchoring to her rising anxiety levels, and retrieving medication. This will give Samantha the confidence she was lacking to reintegrate into social situations as she moves forward in her daily life.  BROOKS will also interrupt night terrors, and perform deep pressure therapy, helping Samantha have a more restful night’s sleep. We look forward to the many adventures these two will share together! 

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