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Roger is a devoted, loving husband to his wife, Myra (who is legally blind) and father to his son, Nicholas (who is 26, disabled and in a wheelchair from an illness at 8 years old). He has always thrived on helping people and would give anyone his last penny and the shoes off of his feet.
Roger suffers from PTS with severe anxiety and panic attacks, stemming from two traumatic events in his past.
He witnessed the injury and death of his oldest brother in a hunting accident at age 18 and he was the one who ran into the ER carrying his 8 year old son, who had stopped breathing and stood by his bedside for months, not knowing if he would come home or not.

In March 2016, Roger met DAZA! A beautiful, loving, black Labrador Retriever. DAZA will help Roger be able to get back out into society with his family and get back to helping others. DAZA will alert to Roger’s anxiety, help keep him focused, sense when a panic attack is coming on and help stop it by licking, nudging and pawing. DAZA will also alert him when someone is getting close and help lead him away from a highly stressful situation, get help if needed, and provide continuous companionship and unconditional love! DAZA will help give Roger his life back.

DAZA is an Honor Puppy named in honor of SSG Edwin Daza-Chacon, US Army.

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