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OSC Robert Bernish, USN (ret.) & RHODE

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Robert spent a total of 28 years in the US Navy and Navy Reserve, including 6 combat tours. He’s been diagnosed with PTS, as well as Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression. He often isolates himself from others, and the community as a whole. And because of his insomnia, he finds it hard to get out of bed, lacks motivation (and energy) to complete everyday tasks, and frequently suffers from nightmares and Apnea-induced breathing disruptions when he does sleep. He also experiences auditory hallucinations that frequently haunt him and nourish his anxieties.

In March of 2018, Robert met RHODE! RHODE will give Robert the motivation and purpose he needs to face each day with a positive attitude, and to reconnect with his community. RHODE will also help by alerting to his anxiety, interrupting nightmares, and retrieving items that are out of his reach. We are excited to watch Robert and RHODE grow as a team!

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