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Nicholas Haynes, USANG Veteran & TIMBER

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Nicholas spent 16 years in the both Active Duty and Army National Guard, and is a Law Enforcement Veteran of 18 years. Due to a traumatic childhood, paired with the loss of many friends and family members in a short period of time, Nicholas is diagnosed with PTSD and Anxiety. He also experiences chronic pain from back issues and an Autoimmune disease. He believes a Service Dog will help offer support when he is in public, and will allow him to spend quality time with his wife and family!

Nicholas and TIMBER bumped in December 2022. TIMBER will help Nicholas by anchoring to his anxiety, and paying attention in busy stores, making getting out of the house easier. He will also help with bracing for Nicholas while transitioning on uneven terrain, and will retrieve items out of his reach. Together, there is nothing these two cannot do!

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