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Nicholas is 22 yrs old & has been faced with many obstacles in his life. He was born premature & weighed only 1 lb. 11 oz. He went on to develop normally, make good grades in school, play the piano & baseball. At age 8 he became sick with virus like symptoms & went into respiratory arrest which caused brain injury. This occurred on Mother’s day in 2000. Despite a grim prognosis, Nicholas has worked hard in Physical & Aquatic Therapy for over 13 yrs. He has progressed from not being able to move even a finger to being able to push his wheelchair & walk with a walker with assistance in PT. While Nick’s friends are going to college, working,& getting married…he is working hard to become independent. At the bump On Dec.13 with paws4people, Nick bumped with SHAW. Since meeting SHAW Nicholas has had a renewed determination & has been ALL smiles! The service dog will be his constant friend & helper, pick things up, open doors, help steady for transferring, help maneuver in public places, carry things, alert others if Nick needs help, and so much more. We are so very thankful to God for the paws4people family and this amazing life changing opportunity.

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