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As a former UNCW Student Trainer, Natalie saw firsthand the impact that a service dog has on their client’s life. She is diagnosed with OCD, depression, and ADHD. These diagnoses combined lead to overwhelming anxiety for Natalie, as well as hair and skin picking. Natalie would like to 

regain control of her life in a healthy and productive way, and believes that having a Service Dog will help her reach those goals. 

Natalie started working with POPPINS in April 2023. Together, these two make a great team! POPPINS helps Natalie by anchoring to her anxiety, and alerting her to people approaching her. This helps lessen her startle response, and allows her to better focus on the task at hand! POPPINS also interrupts negative behaviors, such as her skin and hair picking. These days, Natalie can walk through life with her head held high, knowing that POPPINS always has her back! 

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