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MSgt Ildefonso (Al) Aranda, USMC (ret.) & FELIX

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Al retired from the Marine Corps after 21 years of honorable service. During his time in service, he deployed to Iraq, and served as Marine Corps Drill Instructor. Al experiences hypervigilance, nightmares and flashbacks, and feels like he is just trying to get through each day. Large crowds, loud noises and even certain sights and smells can instantly effect his mood, causing panic and paranoia. It is Al’s hope that having an Assistance Dog will improve his day to day life, and allow him to have a close relationship with his wife and kids once again!

Al met his new best friend, and battle buddy, in December 2019. FELIX, a Golden Retriever will be by Al’s side every day, and will help by paying attention when in public places, so Al no longer has to keep a watch over his shoulder. He will also anchor to Al’s anxiety, and wake him from nightmares, allowing him more restful sleep. Thanks to FELIX having his back, we are confident that Al will become the family man he has always wanted to be!

FELIX was named by The Anne Spychala Family Charitable Foundation.

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