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MSG Stewart Young, USA (ret.) & FURMAN

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Stewart spent 26 years on Active Duty in the US Army, before retiring in 2015. After multiple deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq, and suffering from exposure to IED blasts,  he was diagnosed with PTSD, TBI and chronic pain. He experiences balance issues, light sensitivity, depression, anxiety, flashbacks and poor memory. Stewart finds himself pushing people away, and isolates himself from friends and coworkers. He loves his wife and family, but doesn’t want them to have to constantly take care of him when he is out and about. He believes that having an Assistance dog will help him adjust to life again, and keep him from being on constant alert. 

FURMAN met Stewart in March 2020 and knew right away that was his person! A sweet Goldador, FURMAN will be there each day to help Stewart by paying attention in crowded places and anchoring to his anxiety. He will also be able to help by retrieving items, such as Stewart’s cane, when it is out of his reach, or is dropped. This will give Stewart the confidence he was lacking to get out of the house without always relying on his family to help him! We look forward to the great things this team will do! 

FURMAN was named by The Anne Spychala Family Charitable Foundation.

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