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MSG Doug Alexander, USA (ret.) & PARKER

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Doug served 26 years in the Army and retired as a 1st Sgt. He was wounded when his vehicle was hit by an IED as he was escorting several trucks through Iraq. After that experience and upon returning to the U.S., he retired. After years of service and experiences he now finds it difficult to function on a daily basis. Doug is diagnosed with PTS, MDD, TBI and Short Term Memory Loss.

Doug met PARKER in December 2016 and his life will be forever changed. PARKER will help Doug by anchoring when he is nervous, upset and feeling like he is about to panic. PARKER will also help with medication reminders, behavior interruption, pay attention and retrieval of items when he gets off balance.

PARKER is an Honor Puppy named in honor of Martin Ray Parker, U.S. Army.

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