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Morgan Bettenhausen & MARCELLA

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Morgan is an alumni of the paws4people ADTP and has continued to volunteer for the program upon graduation. After working with the dogs and seeing the impact they could make, she realized that she would benefit from an assistance dog as well. Morgan has been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety as a result of some traumatic events during her life, beginning in her childhood. She has spent time learning how to cope and heal from her past, and has a great support system in her fiancé, but believes having an Assistance Dog of her own will help improve her quality of life.

Morgan and MARCELLA started working together in 2022! MARCELLA will help by interrupting negative behaviors, anchoring to Morgan’s anxiety, and providing deep pressure therapy. These tasks will allow Morgan to regain the confidence she was lacking to tackle life’s challenges, and will give Morgan greater independence! Working with MARCELLA will greatly improve all areas of Morgan’s life, and we look forward to many adventures for these two! 

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