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Mia Marchese & BRIAR

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Mia is a fun-loving young lady in her 20s, who’s worried when she will have her next seizure. On the outside, you would never know that Mia has Epilepsy. For the most part her seizures are under control but going into her adult life, Mia’s parents are concerned that she could have a seizure at anytime.

Mia met BRIAR in August of 2016 and she now has hope for an independent future. BRIAR assists Mia by responding to her seizures. BRIAR will press an emergency button to get help to Mia, she will be able to retrieve a medicine bag and will assist with deep pressure therapy during and after a seizure. She will also alert Mia’s parents when they are at home if Mia is in distress. Ever since BRIAR came along, Mia and her parents are able to worry less and Mia has gained a lot of confidence and independence. 

We love watching this team grow together. 

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