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Mason Ponnett & RUBY

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Meet Mason! He is a spunky teenage boy with Down Syndrome and Autism. He has social, functional and behavioral limitations but he doesn’t let this stop him! Mason gets very anxious and insecure when out in social settings and needs support and assistance in his daily activities. He loves attending his brothers’ sports activities but gets overstimulated and often has to leave early due to his anxiety.

Now meet RUBY! Mason and RUBY met in August of 2016 and this team is set to do amazing things together! RUBY will help mitigate Mason’s anxiety by keeping him focused on her in social settings. She will interrupt his negative behaviors, alert him when he anxious, retrieve items for him when he is unable to get things on his own and provide motivation and a sense of security for him in his daily activities. This team will certainly make you smile!

RUBY is an Honor Puppy named in Honor of Staff Sergeant Kenneth Rubenstein, U.S. Army Air Force.

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