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Marten Wallace, USA Veteran & LANE

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Marten spent 12 years with the Army on Active Duty, before transitioning to a Department of Defense Acquisition Corps position, and deployed while in both positions. He is diagnosed with PTSD. He has a strong startle reflex, and is hypervigilant. He experiences flashbacks, and avoids places that remind him of his past events. He also suffers from nightmares, and has trouble getting a good nights’ sleep because of it. While Marten remains active, and involved in his community, he feels like he is detached from people, and has trouble maintaining relationships. Marten believes an Assistance Dog will help lessen his anxieties, and allow him to live a more productive life. 

LANE took one look at Marten, and knew that was her person! LANE is a sweet and playful Goldador who will be there to help Marten daily. She will wake him from his nightmares, allowing for more restful sleep. LANE will also pay attention in crowded places, and alert Marten to people coming up behind him, so he isn’t startled so easily. Together, Marten and LANE will make their mark on their local community, and continue to build lasting relationships with those around them. We are thrilled to have this pair in our paws4people family. 

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