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Marki Sulzbach & ZIGGY

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Marki began experiencing seizures after the birth of her third child. These episodes led to her being unable to speak, and would end in a panic attack and severe migraine. However, it was not until 2020 that she was formally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She experiences numbness and muscle weakness daily, and more severe flair-ups can cause her to fall, have facial palsy, and have difficulty seeing, eating and walking. While she has great support in her family, she knows that MS can be incredibly unpredictable. Marki believes having an Assistance Dog would give her back her independence so she can go about daily life and work without the fear of having an episode while completely alone. 

Marki began working with ZIGGY, a sweet, loveable Golden Retriever in June 2021! ZIGGY will assist Marki by retrieving items out of her reach, and will alert others when she has fallen and needs assistance. He will also help by bracing on uneven terrain, or when she is transitioning from one surface to another. ZIGGY will walk by Marki’s side every day, as her new best friend, and we know this team will do amazing things together!

ZIGGY was named by Mrs. Joy Smith.

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