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MAJ Matt Nelson, USA (ret.) & ALPINE

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Matthew spent more than twenty years in the United States Army, deploying to combat zones a total of 4 times, where he witnessed mass casualties and road side bombings. He is diagnosed with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury as a direct result of his combat experiences. Most days, Matthew says he feels anxious, and as though his thoughts are racing. He experiences constant hyper vigilance, has difficulty sleeping, and often lacks focus. Matthew wants to be a more present and involved Dad to his three daughters, and believes a Service Dog will help him pursue those goals.

Matthew and ALPINE bumped in September 2022 – and there was an instant connection. ALPINE will help Matthew by paying attention when in crowded public places, alert him to his increased anxiety, and interrupt negative behaviors. This will help Matthew as he navigates life outside of the military, and help him focus on the task at hand. Matthew wants to continue serving his community and with ALPINE by his side, there is no doubt he will do just that!

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