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MAJ Jim Hoover, USMC (ret.) & NOBLE

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Jim spent 6 years with the USMC Reserves and 16 years Active Duty with the Marine Corps, for a total of 22 years of service. While on Active Duty, Jim was involved in a training accident, which led to his diagnosis of Chronic Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome. Jim experiences difficulty breathing, in which any number of irritants will cause his airway to constrict, of which no inhaler will help. When the attacks occur, he has to lay down until he can calm himself and recover. On occasion, these attacks have caused hospitalization. Jim believes having a Service Dog will help his anxieties when he experiences a breathing attack, and hopes that it will give his family some peace of mind, should something happen while he is home alone. 

NOBLE bumped with Jim in November 2020. NOBLE will help Jim by alerting others when he is having breathing issues, or has fallen and needs medical attention. NOBLE has been trained to press a medical alert button that will call for emergency personnel. He will also brace to help when Jim has trouble standing, and cuddle when he is anxious due to breathing difficulties. This team will do wonderful things together! 

NOBLE was named by Loudoun Country Day School.

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