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Madison Holsten & HELO

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Madison completed the paws4people Assistance Dog Training Program while she was a student at UNCW. After graduating as a Certified Recreational Therapist, Madison took a job at Carolina Dunes Behavioral Health. She works with adult and adolescent clients who struggle with a variety of mental health and behavioral health challenges.

HELO is a Rehabilitative Facility Dog, who will help Madison’s patients increase their self-esteem, leisure education, as well as their coping skills. HELO works with them through the “intervention” rally, cuddles them when they are having panic attacks or are experiencing big emotions, and engages patients with lower cognitive levels through physical activities, such as fetch.

Madison and HELO look forward to continuing their work together with the residents of Carolina Dunes! 

HELO is an Honor Puppy named in honor of Chief Warrant Officer John R. Priestner.

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