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Mack Mejaski & MONROE

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Mack is sweet boy. He is diagnosed with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and severe language based learning disabilities (Dyslexia). He struggles in school and cannot read. He experiences sadness, frustration, and embarrassment. He loves books, loves to be read to and loves to listen to audio books; however, he resists even attempting to read on his own. He takes daily medication and can now function in a classroom setting. He sees several EC teachers, a private tutor, an OT, and psychologist.

In December 2015, MONROE walked into Mack’s life. MONROE will help Mack with his social interactions and improve his self-esteem. She will also help reduce his anxiety, provide a distraction from ticks and provide pressure to calm him during fits and while he is falling asleep. MONROE will provide an added excuse for outdoor activity, as strongly recommended by his OT and pediatrician. She will give him pride and responsibility in helping care for the dog, and especially, through the opportunity to give back and help others.

MONROE is an Honor Puppy named in memory of SPC Anthony W. Monroe, U.S. Army.`167

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