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Lucy Smith, USN-R Veteran & REBA

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Lucy served proudly in the United States Navy. While in the Navy, she required medical attention, which was not provided in a timely manner, causing further medical complications. Lack of command support, combined with the treatment provided, led to a diagnosis of PTSD. She often avoids leaving her home due to her hypervigilance, is easily startled, and has angry outbursts. Lucy believes having a Service Dog will help as she continues to process her past traumas and allow her to be a present and involved mother to her young daughter!

Lucy and REBA bumped in September 2022. REBA will help Lucy by anchoring to her rising anxiety levels, paying attention while in public places, and will interrupt negative behaviors. This will allow Lucy to better manage her symptoms while enjoying quality time with her daughter. With REBA by her side, we are confident Lucy will be able to enjoy her life once again.

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