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LTJG Emani Alston, USN (ret.) & WAYLON

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Emani graduated from the US Naval Academy, and commissioned as an officer in 2018. She served three years in the US Navy, including a deployment immediately after commissioning. She is diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Emani experiences frequent migraines, heightened anxiety leading to panic attacks, and has trouble sleeping at night. Emani knows the unconditional love of a dog, and believes that having a Service Dog will allow her to better function in society and help her get out of her house!

In the summer of 2022, Emani began working with WAYLON. WAYLON is a motivated Golden Retriever who is ready to help Emani! He will anchor to her anxiety, alert her to her rising panic and pay attention in crowded locations. This will allow Emani the peace of mind to be able to complete everyday tasks in public, allowing her a more active and social life. He will also interrupt negative behaviors! 

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