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LtCol Mike Manocchio, USMC (ret.) & MENJI

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Michael spent over 20 years on Active Duty with the US Marines, where he deployed a combined five times to both Afghanistan and Iraq. His combat experiences left him with a TBI and a PTSD diagnosis, and he is often hypervigilant, has insomnia, and a heightened startle response. He also experiences depression, and mentions he often feels withdrawn, and like something is missing. Michael would like to better connect with his young family, and his community, and believes a Service Dog will help him lead a more normal life.

Michael met MENJI in January 2022. MENJI is a fun-loving and hard-working yellow Lab who will walk with Michael every day, making life more manageable. He will anchor to Michael’s anxiety and pay attention when they are in public places, allowing Michael to focus on the task at hand. MENJI will also help with interrupting negative behaviors. These two are a great team, and we look forward to seeing the progress they make together!

MENJI was named by Ms. Sandra Wilkerson

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