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LTC Elise Hunt, USA (ret.) & COWBOY

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Elise is a retired Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) with the US Army. The many years of combat, trauma and survivors guilt have manifested into PTS. Elise finds that each day is a challenge for her. Flashbacks and nightmares are common in her daily life. She rarely went out, other than to work. She did not want to engage with people and felt an overwhelming sense of loneliness everyday that nothing, and no one, could fill.

Elise met COWBOY in July 2016! COWBOY has helped get Elise back on track! He interrupts her nightmares, alerts her when she is anxious, watches her back and alerts her when people are walking near her and provides a sense of security when the loneliness creeps in. COWBOY’s presence brings a smile to Elise’s face and we are excited to see that smile!

COWBOY is an Honor Puppy named in honor of CPT. Dario Natale Lorenzetti, US Army and Department of State.

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